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History of Pine River United Church


A Scotsman named Rev. Walter Inglis conducted the first Presbyterian Service in 1862 in S. S. # 1, Huron School house in Lurgan (bottom of the 4th)

A new church was built at Reid’s Corners completed for worship on May 15th, 1864.

In the summer of 1868, the little church fell a prey to a bush fire and was completely destroyed.  Nothing was saved except the Pulpit Bible rescued from the burning building by Miss Jane Moore. This Bible is in a case in the narthex of the present church. Undaunted by the loss, the little congregation set about at once to erect another church, and in 1869 a new frame church was built on the site of the old and duly dedicated to the service and glory of God.

Pine River United Church is a member of the United Church of Canada which was formed in 1925 by a union of Methodists, Congregationalists, Presbyterian and General Council of Union Churches,.

The congregation grew and they wanted to raise the church to include a basement, but the permit was refused by the Department of Highways, but they offered monies for the church to be relocated.  The decision was then made to build a new church further back from the road and this church was dedicated July 13th, 1958.  The minister was Rev. J.C. Hutton.

In 2005 there was vision for more space and the sod was turned for the new addition, dedicated in August, 2006 by Rev. Bob Putman.

Pine River is a church which is known for music.  The church has an outstanding choir and famous Cherub Choir with Patt Lowry as Music Director as pianist and Dianne Rotteau accompanying on the organ.  Also, we have a Sunday School with capable leaders.

United Church women reach out to the community and mission and service.

In 1979 the First Kountry Kitchen Bazaar was introduced and to this day we are still doing this event Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend.  The men of the church meet Friday mornings for coffee and do odd jobs when required.

We have Messy Church, Coffee House, Circle of Grace Drumming, Mom’s and Tots Foodgrains Bank, and have started the process of becoming an Affirming Church.

Over the years many marriages, baptism and funerals have been held in Pine River United Church.

We are a strong, caring, family Church.

The Kincardine Times wrote a wonderful article to celebrate the 150th Anniversary please Read Here.